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Halo 2 to Halo Custom Edition Port

Notice: This project has been handed over to [ASP]Jesse for completion and Halo 2 tagset implementation.

    After listening to countless remarks of my beta testers that Ivory Tower has been on the wish list of the community and I happen to uhh... well let's get to the point; I present to you all: Ivory Tower. You can all imagine by my sheer rabellism I have and will continue to handle this project of mine far different than the more popular teams are doing it (let's not mention any names.) Beta testing is on a "you don't find us, we find you" basis. The level lives up to the great theory that is: performance doesn't have to mean horrid visuals. If you have an average up-to-date computer, this level should play beautifully. No need to 640x480 Ivory Tower! Hell, I get 30+FPS when at max settings. (My PC costs ~ $400.00.) In-case any of you are wondering why I picked this level over many others, here is a list of reasons why: this was a side project; this was a port, meaning not having to make my own models or bitmaps, because I'm not too good at that, anyway; the community seemed to be wanting Ivory Tower; I wanted some practice; etc etc.

Here is a quick list of notable aspects-
-Most sounds, bitmaps, and models were ripped from Halo 2 (Xbox) and modified by yours truly, as seen fit. I fixed countless problems with Bungie's rather interesting design choices. (Mainly compatibility issues.)
-All interactive objects that were in Halo 2 are now solid. (The military crates/drums will be added in the next update.)
-Yes, the splash effects from the stream fall into the basement, just like Halo 2 does. A problem I don't think I'll be fixing, nor addressing.
-Lighting took almost a month to get in the shape you see it in now. Now picture this: it's almost done.
-The view you can enjoy by looking out the windows has been heavily optimized. What does this mean?- It means that if you dare take a single step outside of the play area you will be severely disappointed; there is quite literally nothing outside besides what you see through the windows. You have been warned.
-Biped is Halo 1 with Halo 2 jump and angle fixes. (Tweaked to perfection by yours truly.)
-Seeing as though the biped has Halo 2 attributes, it DOES have a modified jump height. Many of my testers were bothered by this. Trust me, you need it to get around the level.
-Tagset is completely stock (meaning Halo 1). (Putting the sniper rifle aside, I had to modify it so you can't pick it up from below; I also threw the multipurpose restore on the assault rifle/flag.)
-The Fusion Cores will be cut out of the level. They simply cannot be done with Halo Custom Edition's limitations. I am planning on keeping the tags (what I've done so far) in the map's binary, for extraction using HEK Plus. I have also left blank scenery flags around the level where there should be Fusion Cores, for easy, proper re-placement.
-The elevator simply cannot be done without looking sloppy in Halo CE. It has been entirely replaced by a teleportation system that I personally designed. I'll try to get a diagram of it up soon, for better understanding.

However, I do require some additional help in finishing the level off. Here is a list of things I need help with:
-"Whooshers" (vent grav lifts) have ever so slight, client-side, online syncing problems. They get the job done, though. Tips are appreciated.
-The whoosher's rendered effects are currently a shitload of particles; this is very bad for many reasons. If anybody possesses a plausible improvement, it would be appreciated.

I can't remember anymore... they must not be too important if I forgot them. I'll update if I remember any. I prefer to be contacted, for matters such as these, over Xfire. See here for details.

The Insignificantly Less Significants (Acknowledgments)-
  • E3pO - Converted half of the raw bitmaps to their proper formats, because I am so lazy, in that aspect.
  • Spartan04 - Teaching me how to extract "permutations".
  • Zodiark - Helped me out in so many ways. All of the Halo 2 applications I used were given to me by him. Without him, this map is nothing. You cannot contact him, he contacts you.
  • (Anonymous by request of Zodiark.) - Halo 2 map files provider, since modding my Xbox 360 is out of the question. This is a website worthy of many thanks.
  • Nugga117 - Helped me out with the hanging (hinge) lights' gel map.
  • Johnomatic - Elevator tutorial that showed me the basics of animations. (Included in source files.)
  • Il Duce Primo - Helped me out with elevator animations. (Included in source files.)
  • TheKillerDonut - Tips, advice, support, appreciated help; helped me out with elevator animations. (Included in source files.) Thanks for the tedious assistance with the cube maps.
  • DaneO'Roo - Hand painting an alpha channel for me because it was FUBAR.
  • Xe-Bec & Cmdr - Allowed me to use their "whoosher" tags as reference for mine.
  • Higuy - Pointing me in the direction of where to get working raw (very raw) Halo 2 cube maps.
  • Kornman00 - Posting the Halo 2 cube map bitmap tags I so dearly love.
  • FireScythe - Halo 2 bitmap tags extractor application I used to get the cube maps.
  • SuperSunny/Sunny Sharma - Supplying the multipurpose restore kit. The Assault Rifle and Flag Pole look great now.
  • Selentic - Tips for a HEK/Vista bug.
  • SiMuLaCrUm - Lots of support and assistance.
  • DEEhunter - Helped me fix a radiosity bug.
  • RAMBO - Edited/converted all Halo 2 sounds to proper import format; assisted me with the sound tags.
  • GRUNTS - Showed me how to extract Halo 2 sound tags and get them working on my PC.
  • Lightning - Halo 2 teleporter "green energy" tags. (Personally updated/improved.)
  • Arteen - Halo 2 styled teleporter shield tags.
  • Ganon - Support/assistance.

Private Testers (If you played it and haven't leaked.)-
  • E3pO
  • SiMuLaCrUm
  • TheKillerDonut
  • Zodiark
  • Il Duce Primo
  • Masterz1337
  • Ganon
*These trusted testers will not, under any circumstance, give you a build. If you have managed to acquired a build and aren't on this list, please contact me immediately.
**It has been brought to my attention that a build was uploaded to a private FTP by Ganon, and was then released (under false name) buy Higuy (the FTP owner) because of past relations between us. Ganon and Higuy are now blacklisted from future projects.

Ivory Tower Teaser Trailer

*Please note that this was before I FIXED my graphics, meaning the amount of specularity shown in video is not 100% accurate. Re-recording is not a desirable task, so live with it for now. (However, the screen shots on this page were taken on a different computer, meaning accurate.)

Ivory Tower Fan-Made Videos

Halo HD - DSalimander's WIP

**By E3pO on build- December 2008.

Halo CE Promo

**By Ganon on build- August 2009.


Click to view higher resolution.

*Screenshots taken by E3pO on same build as the one displayed in the Teaser Trailer. (Beta Build: November 2008.)

Halo Maps: [H2]_Ivory_Tower.zip
Contains map file and .txt read me.