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Halo Mod

    A race track located on map Gephyrophobia. The track takes about 200 seconds to complete one lap. The object of the track is to be the first person to get the flag, then take it back to the base and score (recommended game-type included.) The track is not the smoothest, so drive carefully. Weapons are placed through-out the track for convenience. There is also an armory as well as a turret on top of the track. The track itself has been modified many times to make sure all "short-cuts" have been removed. The main part of the track is the  'big daddy' or basically the really, really big jump. You must drive so you follow the lights, or you will miss the landing pad, and die. With this mod, I intend for everybody to PLAY ON THE RED TEAM! All weapons are modded, except the pistols and shotguns.
H.M.T. V3.5 Application (With some of Phenom's plug-ins.)
Spark Edit V3.02 Application
H.H.T. V5 Application
Paradox621- Beta tester and helped me make some decisions.
1337- Thanks for the P.M.I. tutorial.

Here are some pictures-

This is where you will spawn.

Then, go through a teleporter that will take you to the start line.

While at the start line, you can take a look through the armory for some weapons.

Here is a small sample of track.

Meet "Big Daddy".

Run out of ammo? No problem!

At last, a small glimpse of the finish line.

Gephyrophobia Race Track Mod Demonstration/Preview