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A Breif History Lesson
This Foundry port (from Halo 3 to Halo CE) is almost a community project, as so many people have contributed so many various things to it. As you should all know, Foundry was originally one of many multiplayer levels being meticulously ported over by H3MT back in 2008. Because BSP extraction tools have been withheld from public access, all the level geometry has to be recreated by hand, by many of Halo CE's popular 3d modelers. Up until recently, many assets such as bitmaps, models, or animations were also somewhat of a rare commodity to encounter. There have been notable attempts at recreating a stylish, accurate representation of the Halo 3 tagset in Halo CE, arguably starting with Jesse's very own. Very recently, [url=http://forum.halomaps.org/index.cfm?page=topic&topicID=41967]Masterz released ZTeam's secret Halo 3 tagset[/url] which contains what seems to be the best so far, despite it's unnecessary dependance of Open Sauce. One of the many goals that were set by H3MT was to try and use custom content instead of directly porting Halo 3 stuff, we have thrown this idea out in favor of more accurate textures and scenery; the BSP, however, had to be custom.

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More than Meets the Eye
There are quite a few things that can be said about this project, as we've attempted to have the level appeal to more than just the players. We have organized not only the tag directories, but also the data and the scenario itself, to better assist future, thirdparty modifications. We take pride in having our level look so nice, while being completely independent of graphical hacks such as Open Sauce. While stating that, we should also make it clear that the lighting seen in the final product was not what you would normally achieve using HEK. We used a process that goes by many names, I like to call it "raytraced lightmaps". These use better optimized lightmap UVs to save space, and allow for a more realistic, high definition look. We have provided a supplementary release of useful files (including "blank" lightmaps) to allow for people to rebake lightmaps to suite their modifications to the layout of "Forgeable Pieces". Our included method is much more streamlined and to the point, but using HEK to render the lightmaps is also a redundant option available as an alternative.

Forging Foundry?
As hinted at above, we have designed much of the level to be friendly to what could be best described as Forging in Halo CE. As of right now the only realistic method is to manually rip the level (some tags such as Forklift animations or HUD elements may break in the process, they will be provided in the supplementary release). After you obtain the tags, Forging the level is as easy as moving SCENERY, VEHICLES, SPAWN POINTS, and NETGAME FLAGS to your desired locations using Sapien; giving the level a new name; and running a fresh set of raytraced or regular lightmaps. There are some objects in the scenario that ARE NOT meant to be altered, they have been made into static device_machines so that you cannot accidentally move them. Some adept Halo scripters have designed scripts that allow you to Forge ingame with variable success, namely Kirby; we have not provided any support for this and have left the possibility up to anybody willing.

The People who Made this Happen
-Primary Authors:
  • Jesse - Getting this project together, modeling, unwrapping, lighting
  • DSalimander - Heavy work on the map and lighting, modeling, unwrapping, lighting

-Misc People who Helped:
  • Spartan094\Brandon - Too much work to describe | Backpack weps, spartan biped, FP arms, some weapon shaders, ect
  • John - Providing all necessary materials without complaint
  • Maniac - Final rendering of lightmaps (thanks to him we have nice shadows)
  • Altis - Providing the forklift vehicle
  • Kevin\XlzQwerty1 - Implementation of the fans and wire spools
  • HMYoko\032 Mendicant Bias - Provision of sounds
  • Kirby - I honestly don't know which of the many things to put here
  • Matthew Dratt - Sound help, animation edits, trailer making, server operator
  • Slow Bullet - Server host
  • Masterz1337\ex-CMT leader - Consultation on many things
  • [ImBrokeRU\Leo - Tons of animations which didn't make it either (but they kick ass)
  • Zteam - Their wonderful tagset Zteam is:
- CtrlAltDestroy
- Choking Victim
- ShadowSpartan
  • Bungie - Halo CE and Halo 3

-Original H3MT Contributors:
  • Jesse - Last active H3MT member
  • Arbiter100 - Original custom BSP, unused scenery models
  • il Duce Primo - Helped model some original, unused scenery models
  • InvaderVeex - Helped model some original, unused scenery models
  • ODX - Many animations (most of which did not make it in the map)
  • DEEHunter - Providing a lighting setup + help with the BSP in early stages

-Beta Testers:
  • Matthew Dratt
  • Slow Bullet
  • Mooseguy
  • Masterz1337
  • Shadow Spartan
  • Ackrylic\Arbiter100
  • Kirby_422
  • S094\Spartan094
  • Invader Veex
  • Agent Texas\032 Medicant Bias\HMYoko
  • [YOSPOS]ZMT\ Captain Vidya
  • fsfssgffd
  • XlzQwerty1