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I just added this page to help establish that I am, in-fact working on an SP project. It's a project only being done by me, in my spare time, so it's taking a while. (It's about half way finished.) Video of it might be posted soon.

Beta testing is on an I find you, not you find me basis.

If you have any comments on this, refer to my Xfire account.

Custom Halo CE SP Level

     Hello community. After plenty of your assistance, I have finally gotten my secret SP project, DTSPM1 (a "prequel" to DTSP), up to demonstratable completation. In case you're wondering- yes, I'm trying pretty hard to revise all of the oldschool stock tags with better ones such as HD bitmaps and shaders, to name a few (if not I have replaced them with somebody else's). This level is a typical Halo level, but in what I guess you could call an alternate universe. I have stuffed the level full of easter eggs and made each difficulty a somewhat unique experiance from each other. Unfortunately the release date cannot be determined at the moment. I 'm  a little confused about a few things and I'd like to know if somebody could assist. I need to speak with anyone who knows how to bypass the map file size. Here is a list of a few people who have helped me out so far:
  • Jesse- Most of my tagset is a light modification of his tagset.
  • Spartan094 - Helped me get the player's biped.
  • Gamma927 - Advice for some script and device problems that I ran into.
  • Hyrdo32 - Beta feedback.
  • Hr3shy - Beta feedback.
  • Zod14rk - Beta feedback.
  • M6dEEp - Support.
  • Higuy - Advice.

So I thought I'd let you take a peak at my progress as of a couple builds ago:
*Everything shown is subject to--lots of--change!
**Sorry if the pictures are too big for your screen.

Welcome to DTSPM1

You start here at your pelican that was just shot down by an unknown enemy. (Obviously Covenant, but in this universe, you do know it!)

You salvage the hog and move out to find help or starve. Luckily, you're heavily armed.

You might see more later. I have some people asking for developement pictures, so I'll show you all:
*It appears all the links I have saved have either been deleted or are malformed. I'll re-upload later.

exterior jun2010

exterior jul2010

bigroom may2010

bigroom jun2010

bigroom aug2010

secroom sep2010

securityroom oct2010

securityroom nov2010

securityroom nov2010

iceycaverns nov2010

tweakin chars colors aug2010

tweakin chars colors oct2010

-"Sali", DSalimander