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Halo 2 to Halo Custom Edition Conversion

    During one of my many spells of boredom I decided to start up another map. Again, I was thinking a simple-for me-Halo 2 port. It came to me that Beaver Creek would be an ideal level. I got a quick alpha build together and it seemed like a little experimenting could be done; I eventually completed a quick depressing sky and ran radiosity. Success! It looked beautiful; I began running with this theme. Now it's a full blown conversion. All of the shader work was done in a quick session and, not to brag, but I've found absolutely no reason to go back and edit them. Remarkable? Enough bragging and back to the point: the mood of depression is clearer than a raindrop! The final tweaks to the artificial bloom on all the lights was completed in days. It really is a sight to see.

Here is a quick list of notable aspects-
-Most bitmaps and models were ripped from Halo 2 (Xbox) and modified by yours truly, as seen fit.
-All interactive objects that were in Halo 2 are now solid.
-Artificial "bloom" can be seen on all of the structures' lights. This isn't anything new to Halo 1, but it looks damn good.
-Population of the level is a beautiful blend between Battle Creek (Halo 1) and Beaver Creek (Halo 2) for the best gameplay and visual results.
-The larger trees have the collision Bungie cursed them with. (Bounding boxes, etc.) I can think of trillions of things I'd rather do than fix Bungie's ideas for optimization, so they stay.
-THIS IS NOT A CMT MAP; therefore, it is UNPROTECTED. I'm sorry I even had to point that out.

The Insignificantly Less Significants (Acknowledgments)-
  • Zodiark - Helped me out in so many ways. All of the Halo 2 applications I used were given to me by him. You cannot contact him, he contacts you. Beta tester.
  • (Anonymous by request of Zodiark.) - Halo 2 map files provider, since modding my Xbox 360 is out of the question.
  • SuperSunny/Sunny Sharma - Supplying the multipurpose restore kit.
  • SiMuLaCrUm - Lots of support and assistance. Beta tester.
  • Lightning - Halo 2 styled "teleporter shield" tags.
  • il Duce Primo - Beta tester.
  • Masterz1337 - Beta tester.
  • TheKillerDonut - Beta tester.

Here's a video of it:

Halo Maps: sali_creek.zip