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     Welcome to DSalimander's website! This site will serve as an information center for all things related to DSalimander. Sit back and relax, but check out the projects page if you've got time!

     Please understand that while this website may seem finished, it definitely isn't. If you have managed to stumble onto this message, you're in the know. I have yet to officially pass the site's URL on to other parties. The main reason is my limitations on bandwidth, because I'm being given this service for 'free' by you know who. As soon as I work out the major kinks like consistency, appeal, and third party image hosting, I'll definitely let the cat out of the bag. Feel free to spread word if you like, but don't make promises you can't keep!

I will try my hardest to fill this website with interesting information that you will enjoy viewing. Since this website domain is very special to me, I will NOT abandon it; worst-case scenario I might start over from nothing.